PreSchool Books

A series of twelve colourfully illustrated story books
Two Turtles Cat All in Black The Rocky Docky Bridge
Fish in the Sea Mike and His Shadow The Fish Shop
Fish and the Seagull The Rubbish Truck Train Days
The Little Steam Train Pretend to Be Hurry! Scurry!
for preschoolers:

The Shaking Sails

Twelve blokes on boats
Twelve tales of adventuring
Stories of shipbuilding and shipwrecks
Of sailing to the east, west and south
With shaking sails and singing winds
ISBN: 978-0-9874840-7-9

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Whispers on the Wind

Twelve women
Twelve voyages
Twelve stories
Why did these women set sail for nineteenth century Australia?
What drove them to leave their birthplace?
How did they survive in this strange country so far away from family and friends?
Their stories are whispers on the wind
ISBN: 978-0-9872868-0-2

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The Green Tin Trunk

It is 1871.
'I am fifteen. Tomorrow I marry Albert. But, Mutti... why is Father not coming to my wedding? Why did he leave me with you and Ernst?'

As she grows older, Louisa constantly asks these questions... and almost thirty years later, she finally meets her father. This is Louisa's story, told through her journal entries, accounts and letters. It is also her father's story, as his life and Louisa's become entangled once more. It is a story of deceit, betrayal and love in the days of the Victorian gold rush.
ISBN: 978-0-646-51429-1

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